15.Aug.14 1 month ago

Heart broken

When you kno u should let go but your heart is not ready to detach itself one of the hardest things you have to do

15.Aug.14 1 month ago
23.Jul.14 1 month ago
22.Jul.14 1 month ago

I’m a prisoner in my own mind

20.Jul.14 1 month ago



Yes I have my good days. I laugh, I go out, I smile. But overall, I am overcome with depression. I can have a great day, like today, but come home and be sitting here.. in the dark, with no one to talk to and just want to cry. I feel trapped inside my mind & I can’t get out. I don’t like this at all. 

Describes me perfectly

This is me right now everyday

20.Jul.14 1 month ago

Love tug a war

Lost in my mind fightin battles between my heart and my mind they both over power one another my mind tuggin at my heart sayin come follow me while my heart stands strong but weak not budgin a bit I can’t tell who’s gonna winbut I kno they will fight till the end playin love tug a war

20.Jul.14 1 month ago

Black Lesbian/Queer Youtube Series


I wanted to have a place of reference for all of the shows that I’ve seen on Youtube. I think it’s an amazing phenomenon of Black queer media that needs to be documented and supported. I hope you all find some new shows to watch. This isn’t an exhaustive list. Just things I like or found.

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18.Jul.14 1 month ago