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I’m a prisoner in my own mind

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Yes I have my good days. I laugh, I go out, I smile. But overall, I am overcome with depression. I can have a great day, like today, but come home and be sitting here.. in the dark, with no one to talk to and just want to cry. I feel trapped inside my mind & I can’t get out. I don’t like this at all. 

Describes me perfectly

This is me right now everyday

20.Jul.14 3 days ago

Love tug a war

Lost in my mind fightin battles between my heart and my mind they both over power one another my mind tuggin at my heart sayin come follow me while my heart stands strong but weak not budgin a bit I can’t tell who’s gonna winbut I kno they will fight till the end playin love tug a war

20.Jul.14 3 days ago

Black Lesbian/Queer Youtube Series


I wanted to have a place of reference for all of the shows that I’ve seen on Youtube. I think it’s an amazing phenomenon of Black queer media that needs to be documented and supported. I hope you all find some new shows to watch. This isn’t an exhaustive list. Just things I like or found.

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Part 1 relationships and trust

my trust issues stem for re opened wounds that shld have healed a long time ago but here I am still broken and weary .. Scared for dear life still clinging on to the promises that spilled from your heart but was crushed and stepped on by your lies and betrayal in the past but my love still remains the same not one ounce of it different… .

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If its one thing I hate is for some one to steal the attention off of me I go hard for what I want and for someone to come in and take whats rightfully mines everybody has to pay I get angry af wether it be friends family associates etc. I just simply dont give a damn stay in ya place and stay away from me and mines

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24.May.14 2 months ago

Life is hard but I’ll make it just watch

I’m at a point in my life where its not perfect where its some where i.dont wanna be dont get me wrong im with the loml but we need to get right our own. Apartment our own car our own everything!! Then I believe we can establish the relationship that we want and have some privacy just the 3 of us my son her and me it doesn’t get any better

19.May.14 2 months ago